18; film & photography

Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson

This is the first Wes Anderson filmed I have ever watched and it was simply fantastic.

Firstly, I loved how simple and unique each scene was shot. Loved the first person views, the from above shots and also how most shots were symmetrical whereby the subject was centered perfectly.

Next, the characters. Personally I enjoyed how Sam and Suzy’s relationship developed. I like how both characters were a bit insecure, naive and still moulding themselves in their own way. The film has very personal and optimistic vibes to it. It makes you feel vulnerable and blindsided by Sam and Suzy’s relationship. This film is inspires me so much to create and write films. Wes Anderson has definitely become one of my few favourite filmmakers.

Tick Where It Hurts.

So I just watched bertiegilbertfilms latest short film “Tick Where It Hurts” ( http://youtu.be/QCNwZp1VNaw ) and it was utterly amazing. Strong script, and lovely lighting. Also, I think he was very inspired by the film “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind”. The flash back scenes, the colour grading and the essence of his short film had a lot of “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” vibes. But overall it was brilliant. Great job Bertie!! bertiegilbertfilms